Vauxhall’s Lucrative Offer Of Free Travel Pack With Safety Check

Article: Vauxhall’s Lucrative Offer Of Free Travel Pack With Safety Check

Before going on a summer holiday or trip it is always better to ensure that your MPV or car is perfectly all right for a safe, trouble-free journey. A Top Up service and Summer Safety Check is being offered by the participating Vauxhall MasterFit retailers that will be a great value and will fetch you peace of mind at just £35.

What you will be offered in a Summer Safety Check is a comprehensive visual inspection of all parts critical for safety by the expert technicians of Vauxhall MasterFit. The check covers lights, mirrors, wipers, brakes, steering, transmission, drive shafts, belt seats, hoses, wheels, tyres, battery and exhaust.

The technicians will also inspect unusual engine noise, oil and smoke leaks. After completion of thorough inspection, important fluids such as engine oil, brake fluid, coolant and screenwash will be treated to prevent overheating, so that nothing is left to chance in summer season.

You can drive in without an appointment and get vehicle inspected. If any rectification work is identified during Summer Safety Check, pricing will be agreed with you before starting work.

The offer is open from spring until end of summer and those customers availing this offer will be presented with free travel pack containing warning triangle, high visibility jacket and first aid kit.


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