The New VW Phaeton

Article: The New VW Phaeton

The luxury Phaeton could not achieve market success, at least so far. The “Child” of Ferdinand I drank, former head of the VW Group, and was not a favorite of buyers. Somewhat surprisingly, Volkswagen’s ambitions do not match the expectations of buyers who prefer the established models of luxury brands. Last year, although it was said that Volkswagen will abandon its current model, they made his facelift. Some stimulus for producers is the growth of sales of this model in China, and Germany.

Now, new registrations of Phaeton are about 50% of sales of the popular BMW 7 and Mercedes S-Class. Now it is clear that the Phaeton will be done only with the facelift, and cook and heir. Volkswagen prepares a new generation of luxury model. High development costs will be reduced by applying a modular platform for aluminum models Audi A6 and A8. The current model is assembled on a steel body, which is largely to blame for high curb weight of Phaeton. In the new generation, Phaeton will have about 70% of its parts with other models of the group – the suspension, motors and transmissions through to the interior parts and electronics. It is not yet clear when the new generation will appear.
Probably we will first see the concept as it is said that the body will be kind liftback. Recalled for Concept D 1999 for the serial model suggests that the approach is more conservative and will offer sedan.


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