Porsche Panameras Bring New Innovations To The Production Cars Segment

Article: Porsche Panameras Bring New Innovations To The Production Cars Segment

The soon the be seen Porsche Panamera is packed with innovations never seen in productions cars before. The Panamera is the latest Porsche range, targeting the four seater segment.

The car wil have a choice of three different front mounted engines. The entry level will use a Volkswagen’s 3.5 litre developing 300 bhp, followed by a Porsche’s engine eight cylinders, direct injection petrol engine, available in 350 bhp and 560 bhp (twin turbo ).

Porsche new coupe is meant to provide a unique combination in terms of performance, efficiency and comfort. The new PDK transmission uses a double clutch gear box increasing fuel economy while adding a sport touch always appreciated. Associated with a new start/stop system the Panamera manage an impressive 26.2 mp without scarifying performances.

Using the latest laser marking and laser treating technique to get the perfect finish and a high durability the car structure is light, the Panamera S for example only weighs 1,770Kg.

While the exterior wasn’t everyone taste. the interior is what we can call a luxury cabin. Packed with all the stuff you expect from a high end car and more. The Panamera is announced in the uk for the 12 September with prices ranging from £72,266 to £95,298 it is not cheap but it is certainly one of the best “family” car around.

Source: carleasingnews.net

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