More About VW Roadsters

Article: More About VW Roadsters

The new family group Volkswagen roadster will be offered a large range of engines. Accordingly, the power will vary considerably in different versions of brands. As is known, the engine will be in the middle of the chassis, and transmission will be to the rear wheels.

Its version will be Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche, as yet not speak for Škoda and Seat. For the Czech brand is likely to occur based on an open version of the project Joyster (yellow car pictured).
The version engine Volkswagen is preparing a 1.4 TSI with 180 PS power at Audi R4 will be a two-liter TSI engine with several versions of the power and TDI with 170 hp output, while Porsche is preparing a new boxer whose capacity will reach 380 hp
Since VW is to allocate all the different brands. VW Bluesport will be the chief competitor Mazdu MX-5, Audi R4 will rival BMW Z4 and Mercedesu SLK, a Porsche will be “responsible” for Alfa 4C and its derivative models.


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