Moon Buggy The Sequel

Article: Moon Buggy The Sequel

You’ll have probably noticed from my previous posts this month that I’m an avid fan of Top Gear and so it is that my final post of the month continues along the same theme. Last night’s show featured the legendary icons, the Porsche 959 and Ferrari F40, whilst Jezza raised the new Jaguar XJ against the rotation of the Sun.

However, my favourite vehicle featured on the show and driven by James May had to be the new Moon Buggy or the Space Exploration Vehicle (SEV) as it’s known at NASA.It’s completely different to the previous moon buggy the Lunar Electric Rover (LEV) because it packs a pressurised cabin in which two Astronauts can live for up to two weeks.

When the Astronauts need to exit the vehicle to step foot on the moon they do so by entering their spacesuits which are attached directly to the rear of the vehicle. The suits are attached via an airlock docking hatch so there is no need to depressurise the habitat module.

The habitat area contains a small bathroom, workbench, tool cabinet and two seats which convert to beds.
It’s a completely different machine to the previous design which was basically a go-kart for the moon. The new one is a mobile work station capable of exploring and travelling much further.


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